September 24-28,2024 NECC(Shanghai)
Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show
Leading International Exhibition for Machine Tools, Sheet Metal,
Pipes & Tubes Production, Mould & Die Construction, Tools
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Exhibitors’ Comments
Vice Chairman of AMADA China Co., Ltd. Furugori Takashi,
Amada International Industry & Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

AMADA attaches great importance to MWCS, which is an important representative event in the metal processing industry. AMADA is also very grateful to the hosts for providing various services in terms of brand promotion and technology display. With the theme of “Carbon Cycle New Industry, Digital Convergence New Economy”, the CIIF discussed in depth the problems faced by new and regular customers in the industry, and AMADA also continued to study and provide the latest technical solutions for the Chinese market in response to these problems. Through the MWCS platform, AMADA has released the new production management software LIVLOTS, the fiber laser punch multitasking machine EMLAJe, and the latest full-servo die change press brake EGBATCe. Both on-site and online exhibitions have received high popularity and praise, as well as outstanding results. AMADA will continue to support MWCS and look forward to meeting again in 2024.

Exhibitors’ Comments
Sales Director of Machine Tool Division Gong Xuepei
Trumpf (China) Co., Ltd.

First of all, thank you very much to the hosts of MWCS, after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are back to the CIIF, and everyone is looking forward to it. On the occasion of TRUMPF’s 100th anniversary, we are also making the debut of some of our products, including our 24,000 watt high-power laser cutting machine, a new press brake and a compact automation system. This platform can not only allow more customers to learn about TRUMPF, but also allow customers to find the most suitable products, and gradually realize automated and intelligent production. We look forward to seeing you here again next year!

Exhibitors’ Comments
General Manager of Savanini China Huang Jiandong
Salvagnini International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

2023 marks Savanini’s 60th anniversary, and it is also the second encounter with MWCS after a two-year absence. As a major event in the metalworking industry, MWCS has been cooperating with Savanini for more than ten years, and it provides a good platform for major metalworking enterprises to communicate and display. This year, due to the slowdown in global economic growth, the entire industry has been affected to a certain extent. Through this exhibition, Savanini has deepened exchanges with industry colleagues and professional users, consolidating confidence in the Chinese market. In the future, we will continue to work hand in hand with MWCS to bring the world’s cutting-edge sheet metal processing technology to the vast users in China.

Exhibitors’ Comments
President of Bystronic China Dr. You Song
Bystronic China

The CIIF is back after three years. As a major event in the metal processing industry, MWCS still maintains its consistent professionalism and provides a good platform for major metal processing enterprises to display new products and new technologies. It is also a good time for enterprises to communicate with customers and meet market demand. In this exhibition, Bystronic presented the electric press brake ByBend Smart E, which is a green product specially designed to meet the philosophy of energy saving, environmental protection as well as green and low-carbon. It also echoes the theme of this exhibition -- “Carbon Cycle New Industry, Digital Aggregation New Economy”. Meanwhile, the debut of the pioneering software solution for the sheet metal industry -- BySoft Suite, provides customers with overall software and hardware solutions, drawing a larger number of on-site visitors. In the future, Bystronic will continue to work hand in hand with MWCS and look forward to meeting again next year!

Exhibitors’ Comments
General Manager of PrimaPower China Pei Jin
PrimaPower China

Thank you to the organizers for providing this platform! This is the seventh time we have attended the CIIF. After three years of growth and accumulation, with a longer period of preparation, this CIIF has delivered a satisfactory exhibition effect for us. Not only did the exhibits we displayed receive great attention, but more importantly, it was of great significance to take the opportunity to conduct a “face-to-face” communication with the industry again.

In the future, we will continue to actively participate in and remain committed to improving the effect of our exhibition. We anticipate communicating and cooperating with more peers and customers to jointly promote the development and progress of the industry. I wish the China International Industry Fair a brighter future!

Exhibitors’ Comments
General Manager of Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group Hu Rui
Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group

It’s a great honor for us to be able to participate in such an international industrial event like MWCS, and we would like to thank the hosts for their careful organization and thoughtful service. The theme of this exhibition is “Carbon Cycle New Industry, Digital Convergence New Economy”, which we believe is an accurate grasp and forward-looking guidance for the current industry development trend. Meanwhile, Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group adheres to the concept of “Bringing lasers into life to change the world and intelligently create industrial interconnection”, and constantly innovates and makes breakthroughs to provide customers with efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent laser processing equipment and systems. We exhibited a variety of high-end products at the exhibition, including high-speed and high-precision laser cutting machines, multi-functional laser pipe cutting machines, intelligent automated production lines, high-performance press brakes, etc., which received wide attention and praise from on-site visitors. We believe that through MWCS, we can better understand the market demand, better serve our customers and better promote the development of the industry. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Exhibitors’ Comments
General Manager of Jiangsu YaWei Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Li Xingbao
Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

As a professional metal processing industry exhibition, MWCS brings together many well-known enterprises at home and abroad and gathers the most cutting-edge innovative technologies and solutions in the metal processing industry. Although it has been closed for three years, the exhibition has still received great attention and sound performance. In this exhibition, YaWei comprehensively demonstrated the whole process solution of sheet metal processing from uncoiling, leveling, blanking, forming and welding to customers through the display form of “exhibits + intelligence”. YaWei would like to thank MWCS for providing an excellent platform for display and communication. The hosts’ promotion in an all-round-way has also attracted many professional visitors to visit, so that customers can have more understanding and knowledge of the YaWei brand. We look forward to the next wonderful encounter with MWCS.

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